Patented heat-exchange technology

At the heart of the WadiWater product line is the revolutionary patented heat-exchange technology, a game-changer that turns air into pure drinking water, in the most efficient way possible.

With unique patented design and non-conductive structure, our technology is the world’s most energy-efficient atmospheric water generator (AWG) module of its kind. It produces up to five times more water per kilowatt than any other technology on the market, using just 250Wh per liter. highly scalable solution, patented technology can be configured to any size, to support a wide range of applications, from the central water supply for a town or village, to clean water for homes and offices, depending on the specific water needs.


4-5 times more water per kWh

Produces premium-quality drinking water

Small and compact

Scalable structure

Can operate using generators or solar panels

Environmentally friendly

How it works

Air is drawn into the Watergen atmospheric water generator, where it is thoroughly cleaned, removing any dust and dirt and leaving only pure air in the system. The clean air is then directed through the GENius heat exchange and cooling process, bringing it to its dew-point – the temperature at which condensation occurs – to create water. The water is then channeled through a multi-stage filtering system to remove impurities, add minerals, and maintain its health properties and fresh taste.

When the water reaches premium quality, it is either stored in a built-in or external reservoir where it is kept fresh through continuous circulation, or connected to the water grid of buildings, neighborhoods and cities, delivering clean water directly to residents’ taps.